Criminal & Municipal


Criminal and Municipal Courts

As a former prosecutor with the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice (Deputy Attorney General) and thereafter in private practice as municipal prosecutor for the Borough of Tinton Falls and the Township of Holmdel, Douglas Widman has had considerable experience in matters involving criminal and motor vehicle laws in New Jersey.

Pre-Trial Intervention and Expungement

Procedures are available to avoid prosecution in the courtroom. Intervention which is monitored by the probation departments can help to avoid having a permanent criminal record. Most mid-size to large employers check the criminal backgrounds of applicants. We can guide you through this process.

After arrest and acquittal or conviction, in many circumstances defendants are allowed to have their arrest records sealed or wiped clean; Generally the record will no longer be available to the public. This is a separate process which has to be started by a defendant even if found not guilty. This can be done by a filing with the Superior Court.

Municipal Court Mediation

Mediation is a non-binding dispute resolution process in which an impartial third party (the mediator) facilitates negotiations among the parties to help them reach a mutually acceptable and voluntary settlement. The major distinction between mediation and arbitration is that, unlike an arbitrator, a mediator does not make a decision about the outcome of the case. Mediation allows the parties the opportunity to communicate their feelings, clear up misunderstandings, identify interests and options, find areas of agreement, and, ultimately, incorporate these areas into solutions devised by the parties themselves without the court determining the matter based on law or the exact value of the case. This process has been adopted by many municipalities in the State of New Jersey. It is especially helpful in family and neighborhood disputes. We are experienced in this process.