Personal Injury

When you have suffered serious injuries, you need an attorney with experience and diligence, someone who can get results. You demand and deserve a high level of legal advocacy. This is the type of representation we provide at Widman, Cooney, Wilson, McGann & Fitterer. The practice of personal injury law requires not only knowledge of law, but of the medical issues our clients face. For 40 years, Widman, Cooney, Wilson, McGann & Fitterer, has handled a wide range of liability cases including automobile negligence and general liability throughout the State of New Jersey. This experience has enabled us to tailor our representation to meet the needs of the client, to better evaluate and develop an individual's claim.
We know just how devastating injuries can be to our clients' families and loved ones which is why we are dedicated to fighting for maximum compensation. Years of working with insurance companies and claims adjustors has led to large numbers of very favorable results for our clients. Our aggressive strategy seeks to provide you with payment for lost wages and bills along with other forms of necessary reimbursement to improve your quality of life. To demonstrate our commitment to improving your quality of life, we will undertake your case with no upfront cost to you. Your representation will be provided on a contingency basis which means that we only get paid when you get your money.
We are known for our favorable verdicts and settlements in the area of personal injury. That success, coupled with our in-depth approach, will help you no matter how you were injured.
Simply put, there are no limitations as to the size of the personal injury case we can handle. We have the legal and financial resources to see any personal injury lawsuit through to the end, be it in litigation or at the mediation table.