Professional Practice / Entity Management

At the law office of Widman, Cooney, Wilson, McGann & Fitterer, our attorneys have represented non-profit entities, hospitals, schools and medical, legal, accounting and real estate professionals in entity governance matters and administrative hearings before government agencies.
Relationship Agreements Include:
  • Incorporation
  • Partnership agreements
  • Buy In, Buy Out agreements
  • Buy-sell agreements (death, disability, retirement)

Operational Issues:

We counsel about daily operational issues and policies and guidelines/handbooks.
This includes:
  • Bylaws, Protocols, Policies, and Procedures: We review and draft documents, create bylaws and policies, as well as guidelines that help you comply with state and federal standards.
  • Administrative Actions: Laws change constantly in response to legal and technological developments. In order to protect institutions against liability, it is important to have agreements and policies in place.
  • Civil Rights and Discrimination Claims: Our firm also defends against sexual harassment, Section 1983, and discrimination claims.
  • Grievance Investigations.
  • Termination: We advise through all phases of the termination proceeding, ensuring they comply with state and federal administrative law.

Risk Management

We assist business professionals assessing their risk of E&O/malpractice liability associated with the daily operations of a business. When an unusual case subjects your facility to potential liability, it is wise to seek advice from a law firm with an understanding of the operations of the facility. We endeavor to learn as much about your operation as necessary to properly handle a situation.